Superhero 2.0 Final Thoughts

That's all she wrote guys!

I have laid out the exact concepts and strategies that it takes to build a superhero physique while leaving out the "Broscience" and the unessential.

Simplicity at it's finest.

Follow the course, put everything into motion and you will begin to make consistent weekly improvement. Over the course of several weeks, this will translate into a bigger, harder, developed physique.

But you mustn't get side tracked. Put on the blinders and focus your attention where it should be--on the present moment. Strive to improve slightly each and every workout. Forget about the end destination and simply enjoy the journey.

If someone asked me, “Greg, what is the key to building an amazing physique?”...

My answer would be this: consistent weekly improvement. That is all. You need to better yourself each and every week in a way that is rewarding and enjoyable.

This is the only way to ensure long-term gains. So, revel in the small victories, in setting personal records and staying on top of your nutrition. We are shaping you into a well-rounded person that effortlessly makes gains and effortlessly stays shredded.

Once you have mastered the superhero skill set--of handling your workouts and your nutrition--you will be on your way to superhero status. Once you complete the eight month superhero journey, you will have made some of the most incredible gains of your life.

But you will no longer be a slave to the gym, to the kitchen or to the supplement store. You will finally be liberated.

Nothing has to get in the way of you building the superhero physique.

Friends and coworkers will take notice and most of them won't have any explanation for it.

They'll believe you're naturally gifted or your have superior genetics.

But some of them, the ones that are open-minded, they'll have to ask.

And it's up to you to teach them.

To show them the way of training and nutrition to support a great physique and a great life.

And they will thank you immensely for it.

To YOUR Superhero Physique!