Introducing The Superhero 2.0 Phases

There will be four different phases for the superhero specialization program. 

  • Phase One: Chest Mastery
  • Phase Two: Shoulder/Trap Mastery
  • Phase Three: Arm Mastery 
  • Phase Four: Physique Mastery 

Notes: Throughout the entire training program we will be hitting each and every muscle group. That said, we will be putting extra effort and attention on the targeted muscle group. Now we won’t be doing any back or leg specialization. The entire program will support the perfect level of leg and back development. In fact, building leg and back size is relatively easy. These muscle groups grow relatively easily assuming you’re getting stronger on key movements (bulgarian split squats, deadlifts, weighted chin ups/pull ups). 

The harder muscle groups to build that require more attention are the shoulders, chest and arms. These are also the muscle groups that take your physique to the next level. Specifically the upper chest, shoulders, traps and arms. 

Phase One: Chest Mastery 

The first phase is the chest mastery phase. The goal will be to add some considerable size to your chest. This will give your physique the impression of greater size as your chest starts to pop. A well developed, strong and plate of armour chest sets the stage for a great upper body. Good chest development is one of the first signs of working out. So it makes sense to kick things off with chest mastery. 

Phase Two: Shoulder Mastery

The next step will be focusing on developing big, rounded deltoids. Having great shoulders instantly separates you from almost every other lifter in your gym. It’s very rare to see fully developed shoulders on a natural lifter these days. The shoulder specialization program has gone through over a year of fine tuning to allow for top tier shoulder development.

Phase Three: Arm Mastery

In the third phase, we’ll be bringing up the arms. For some people, big arms come easy; for most of us, this is not the case. I’ve developed a protocol that will allow for consistent increases in the size and development of your arms. After two months on this routine, your arms will be big and powerful.

Final Phase: Physique Mastery Phase

The final phase will allow for explosive, total body muscle growth. Instead of specializing hard on one or two muscle groups, we’ll be prioritizing your entire physique. Each muscle group will be getting hit hard with reverse pyramid training and rest-pause training / pyramid training. 

After a few weeks of this bonus phase, you will look your absolute best physique-wise! Your body will be tighter and more muscular. You’ll also look leaner and better than ever before. This is an extremely important phase to tie everything together.

Eight weeks of the total physique mastery stage will take your physique to new heights, after which I recommend going back to one of the first three phases. (Ideally going with the phase that best suits your needs. For example, after finishing all four phases, if your shoulders were still lagging, then you’d go back to Phase Two: (Shoulder Mastery.)

Things to Keep in Mind

We’ll be strengthening and building your entire body during each of these phases. The only difference is that the specific targeted muscle group will be experiencing accelerated muscle growth. The specific muscle group will change with each phase.

Each phase will last eight weeks in duration. After the eight weeks are up, you will shift into the next phase. Therefore, this is an eight-month long superhero muscle building program. In that time, you should be able to add 8-12 pounds of pure muscle onto your frame.

This is incredible muscle growth for advanced lifters. This type of muscle gain will take you from looking pretty muscular to looking like a modern day superhero! Now if you’re still on the intermediate side of training, you may be able to gain up to 12-16 pounds of lean mass in 8 months.

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